Whatever you are going through right now….

by admin
For those that need to hear this. 🙏🏻
Whatever you are going through right now, loss, heartbreak, pain, whether it’s over family, friends or relationships. It’s not going to be easy.
Heartbreak, in whatever form it comes, There’s certain parts of you, you’re not just going to outrun. You not just going to gym your way out of it. You not just gonna night outs with friends, your way out of that. Party your way out of it. There’s going to be a tough period. The moment you have down time, the moment your head hits the pillow, at some point it all catches up.
Your job is to get through this period. Your job is to do the best you can, where you are. Your job is to be the best you can be right now, within the parameters of what you feeling and experiencing.
Get up, and show up! Remind yourself, What I need is to make it a win, that TODAY I woke up, did what I could, and went back to bed that night. That’s a win for me right now. And that’s ok. You still have to go through the hellish part of it.
Ask yourself…..
Who I am TODAY?
Who is the person I’m dealing with TODAY?
What’s the brain chemistry that I’m having to deal with TODAY?
What’s the body that I have to work with, TODAY?
Who is the human being that I woke up with, that I’m charged with motivating TODAY?
It’s all about the small wins. You will get through this, regardless of how long it takes, but get up, and show up, because someone needs you, more than you know! Believe it or not.

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