Stories That Matter

by admin
Someone asked me the other day, why do i do what i do?
Let’s put it into perspective…. I don’t own a car. I rent a flat. I live between two countries. I own a creative business, that’s financially unstable. I don’t have many commitments. I have many acquaintances, and fewer true real friends. I am not lonely, but i am alone. I don’t chase money. And i can’t remember the last time i bought myself a new wardrobe. To most women i am the least ideal candidate, and google maps has been the most loyal partner in travel.
I may not have the finer things in life, but i have some of the best experiences and memories. I have travelled Africa for the most part. I have worked for some of the most influential bosses in PE, played sports with some incredible teams, run solo missions across mountains, made intriguing acquaintances, made life long friends, have the best family in the world, who puts up with my kak and i get to work with some of the best best people in the creative industry, creating #storiesthatmatter!
Over the last week i got to document the effects of Covid on scholars in some remote parts of Zimbabwe. The effects the pandemic had on the household income, schooling, essential guidance counseling and the burdens overcome by it.
Hoping what we do changes if only one life, for the better. I am truly grateful for what i have. I am grateful to create for change. This is why i do what i do. Stories that matter!
Love what you do, and do it with purpose. 🙌🏻
Yours In Media
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