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Around Zimbabwe in 80 Days!

Run Zimbabwe 2023! 🏃‍♂️

Every year, a group of elderly, verging on bloody ancient social mountain bike riders known as the Old Legs Tour look to have fun, to do good and above all to do epic on their bikes whilst riding them to ridiculously faraway places, like Cape Town, like Kilimanjaro, like Uganda, raising money and awareness for Zimbabwe’s beleaguered pensioners in the process. Often steep hills are involved, and sometimes wild and dangerous animals that can either eat you or stand on you.

“We ride bicycles because they go faster than say someone running, always a good idea when long distances are involved, or wild and dangerous animals looking to stand on you or eat you, and also because sore bottoms are easier to treat than sore feet and stress fractures. None of this is breaking news. The bicycle was invented by pedestrians a long time ago. Mostly we ride bicycles instead of running because we are not certifiably mad, which is more than can be said for Ryan Arthur Moss.”

1st April 2023, Ryan Arthur Moss, a veteran of 4 Old Legs Tour will take epic to ridiculous levels when he becomes the first athlete in history to Run around Zimbabwe. Ryan is looking to run a grueling 3500 kilometers in 40c Heat around Zimbabwe’s borders, through Mana Pools and the Zambezi Valley, through Gonarezhou and along the Eastern Highlands, the length of Lake Kariba, from Victoria Falls down to the Tuli Circle through Hwange National Park, braving lions, elephants and tsetse flies, in under 80 days. Silly boy.

One man running a marathon a day, every day, for 80 days through Zimbabwe’s wildest and most rugged landscapes, it doesn’t get more epic than that, or hard, or pretty much every other superlative in the book.

Ryan will Run Zimbabwe to raise money and awareness for Zimbabwe’s pensioners, and for the conservation efforts of Project Ranger and the Projects they fund – ATS Savé valley, Bumi hills APU, Bushlife mana pools, Conservation wildlife fund Hwange , Mother Africa and Sapi with Zimparks. All operating in the wilderness areas he runs through.

You will be able to follow Ryans every brutal step of the way on

Should Ryan survive being eaten, stood upon, etcetera, Ryan has asked for a new bicycle for Christmas.

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