Day 8 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

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Gliding into the new week, Day 8 of the SA edition lockdown tour. 80.4km and 830m of climbing on rugged roads from Imla Guest Farm, Cloclan to Hobhouse in the Free State. We are still straddling the western border of Lesotho as we head down towards the Eastern Cape…

Interesting Fact: Hobhouse is a small farming town in the Free State province of South Africa, named after welfare campaigner Emily Hobhouse, (1860-1926), author and philanthropist who brought to public notice abuses in concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer War.

The road for the most part is backend farm gravel with a touch of tar, that remind us of “Hurry Hurry” Zimbabwe. With all the weaving in and out, if someone had to check anyone’s Strava stats, it’ll look like a Picasso.

CJ continues to lead the pack, physically and mentally keeping everyone on track as there’s still another 20 days of cycling to go. We think he is getting in all the tar he can, as sadly, CJ leaves the group on Thursday to head back to Durban for an op.

Badger continues to plod on daily, thoroughly enjoying Matambo’s company at the back of the peleton. Not that he can’t lead the pack, but we think he’s hooked on the Sibanda files blaring from the cruiser. Or it could be that, after breakfasts stops, as everyone heads of he then decides he needs a bathroom break.

Daves brother from another mother, Matambo is the luckiest guy on tour. He manages to get our washing done again, with his slick words to the cleaning ladies. Maybe he could give Ryan some pointers.

With the state of the roads today, Dave cradled the middle of the pack, right behind Deidre, waiting to have the potholes pointed out to him. “Follow me, I’m right behind you!”

Deidre, had another good enjoyable day in the saddle. Proudly supported by Dave as can be seen in the attached pick…. Couple goals!

With upgraded accommodation, we are staying at a quaint Guest house, with another early finish for a relaxed afternoon. Tomorrow we head out to Smithfield a one horse town somewhere in the free state.
Till then. Live the adventure, support the cause, Pedal on…


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