Day 6 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

by admin

What a day for a ride! Small day with a much deserved afternoon off. A 58 km and 800m elevation ride over the summit of Surrender Hill, Fouriesburg. Interesting Fact, it is here where the Boers surrendered to the brits in July 1900 when the brits seized over 6 million rounds of ammo, over 2800 head of cattle and capturing over 4000 boere.

Talking of Surrender, Dave did not, and came in conquering the summit with a motivational quote sounding oddly familiar. “I have been to the top of the mountain, and i have seen the promised land” I take it the promised land being The Fat Mulberry Guest House we are taking over this afternoon.

Deidre and David sported awesome cow clad race suits. I don’t know if its because we are cycling in the free states. Deidre took it one further, cladding her lips in zink (Picture attached) Kinda reminds us of an american advert, “Got Milk?” very fitting.

Captain CJ looking strong on the bike, and seems to have a knack for multitasking, Leading the pack, and taking in the views with his cellphone. I think Alan Rheeder needs to give him some wise words of advice.

Badger couldn’t be more happier after a good ride today. Or it could be that he has the afternoon off….. zzzzz Come to think of it, Has anyone seen Badger?

Talking about taking the afternoon off, it doesn’t exist (except for the old badger) as there is more prep to do ahead of tomorrow’s ride. Margie offered us to do our washing….. YES PLEASE! I think it’s time we needed it done. Thank you for your hospitality 🙌🏻

The brother from another mother love, continues between Dave and Matambo, but one thing that they have in common, is neither of them can reverse a trailer…

As we take in the afternoon, enjoying our recovery half day, we look forward as tomorrow promises to be another long day tomorrow, with an 83 km ride on the horizon…

PS: Enjoy the photo of the random rock form… Looks like two giants faces.

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