Day 5 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

by admin

So much for a Friday! 81km and 1631m of climbing 😱 from Bergville to Golden Gate National Park! We are in the states….. The free states. Free hills, freeheadwindss, free sore asses and then awholee lot more!

CJ continues to crack the whip, with early starts, long days and moving the peloton” along.
Some wind….

Matambo has the patience, that “Captain My Captain” is still finding. Matambo sits in the cruiser, with The Sibanda files blaring, smile on the dial and plodding along.

Dave’s presence was missed… With his head down watching tar, we heard he made a pitstop for an ice cream at little Switzerland, but who knows 🤷🏻‍♀️ We just wish Dave would use the same determination in parking a trailer. 🤭

Deidre’s vocabulary was less than lady like. Wind!

By the time the crew got to the top of the 21km climb today, they were to scared to vloek, as Sy Peter would have jumped out the bush and giving them a Klap!
And more Wind!

Badger, made Ryan divert to Ladysmith, to get a screw fixed on his bike. By the time he got back to the group, 50km later he shot off like a home sick mole on fresh legs… And still went for a mini hike to some waterfall, in the Golden Gate. Geez when is this wind gonna stop 🤦

Tmrw we ride out to Fouriesburg. Yay.

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