Day 4 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

by admin

Day 4…. enough said. Here the reality of the tour kicks in…. Loooong hard days in the saddle… as long as the never ending road ahead. (have you ever just watched the slow moving tar in front of you for hours?) and as hard as traversing the Oliviershoek Pass….

For many years, the 23 km section from the R712 to the summit of Oliviershoek Pass was in a terrible state of disrepair, to the point where the road was virtually impassable. Oliviershoek Pass straddles the border between the Free State and KwaZulu-Natal This big pass, which has a height difference of 471 metres and a length of 13.5 km, is arguably one of the best and most scenic tar passes in the country. Yes…. We did it!!

Bruce the badger is in search of a hair brush, for the last 4 days… if anybody has seen it, he would like it back! But this hasn’t stopped the Badger posing in front of the landie whenever he gets the chance… He seems to be befriending the camera guy….

CJ is back! The captain showed up last night, unannounced, and claimed back the throne, till further notice that is! Welcome back cap!

With CJ being back, so is the landie, the cruiser, the beast… So much so Ryan wanted to give bruce a chuckle, drifting past Deidre in the outer lane, with a smidge of a rain soaked pothole, drenched already cold and wet Deidre in muddy water.. Bruce describes it as “a marvelous sight!’ Needless to say, Ryans been nominated D.O.D….

Deidre, although muddy and drenched, always seems to look good in all the Pink and bright gear… We just wonder how the purple shoes fit in?

David had to help his brother from another mother Matambo get the landcruiser over the wet hill… (Pic Supplied) I mean it’s got all our food in it…. Who wouldn’t help.

Today we smashed 101km, and 1295m of climbing!
Once again, The views are just beyond spectacular… As gruelling as the days are, who wouldn’t put a few hours in the saddle, with views like this, raising funds for the pensioners of Zimbabwe?

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