Day 3 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

by admin

Day 3…. Ah what more can we say, but have you seen these views! Never mind the 1435m of climbing over 61km….. Yet it was all worth the effort. The Drakensberg does not disappoint. The riders went into the day in high spirits, and finished in even higher spirits after smashing this beast of a day!

Dave and Matobo’s brotherly love continues, so much so we can’t tell who is actually the boss. All we know is Matabo loves running after Dave, as we are sure he has forgotten where his helmet is again!

Captain my Captain, Deidre rest assured, playing “Kaptein Span die Seile” is sure to put a smile on the crews dial every morning…

Bruce Fivaz continues in his stride, flying down hills, backwards, to help Dave……. again. Exemplary sir!

While we have mastered the art of packing the trailer tetris style, cramming 5 of us in fully packed Landie, we really miss CJ’s Landcruiser. We have arrived safely at Glengarry Holiday Farm Drakensberg with arms wide open. THERE IS WIFI! Thank you to Gareth and Kelly for the gracious upgrade to our accommodation.

We ride on to Bergville tomorrow with a 5:30am start…. And it’s raining. Let’s hope it clears by then. Till then, Get involved and make a difference!!!

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