Day 26 – Peddling for Pensioners – The final push

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Peddling for Pensioners – The final push.
What has felt like forever away, has come so quickly. Day 26, and the final day of tour as we left Clanwilliam “downhill” to Lamberts Bay, a small fishing town in the Western Cape province situated 280 kilometres north of Cape Town. The coastal town has been proclaimed ‘the Diamond of the West Coast’ because of its white beaches, wildlife and lobsters.

A saunter for the racing snakes David and Deidre down Pakhuys pass leaving the Northern Cederberg Mountains behind us. David, Deidre and the badger left no second wasted to saddle up and hit the road. We were assured it was all downhill today and CJ delivered on that. I don’t know if it was badger wanting to get into that ice cold Atlantic ocean, or Dave wanting to get to Muisbosskerm Restaurant, renowned for their amazing seafood, but did they kurumidza (hurried up) this final leg.

So fast I didn’t even get an opportunity to get “the shot” of the day. There was no time for “French” lessons, no time for bush bashing Badger to add flora to his collection and most certainly no time to torture Matambo with another treffer by Kurt Darren.

A cool crispy morning that changed faster than the badger pockets daisies, seeing the day reach an average of 36 degrees the closer we got to the coast. Finishing off the day and the tour with a 79.3km sprint and the final 769m of climbing.

The Old Legs Lockdown Tour SA edition is done and dusted. In total just short of 2500km cycled, equivalent of 3.5 Mount Everests Summited with 30 000m of climbing and no less than 40 passes traversed.

Thank you to David, Deidre, Badger and Matambo for the hard yards put in, and especially David for giving me so much to write about, shots fired and laughing it off. You are a scholar and a gentlemen. It a resounding “meet as strangers, leave as friends.”

We take in the fresh sea breeze, the decadent sea food and rest easy before we journey home over the next few days.

Yours in fly by night blogging.

PS: While the tour is done, there is still so much work to do. Without your support our epic adventure would have been in vain. Inspire, mobilize, and advance the Old Legs Movement.

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