Day 25 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

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After yesterday’s “last big day” I woke up at the foot of Mount Cedar, along with the rest of the crew, ready for what CJ could throw at us. With just 2 days to go, much needed downtime and the smell of sea in the air, we couldn’t wait to get out the gates soon enough. Clipping cleats and starting the day off with fresh legs from Mount Cedar Self Catering Guest Lodge to Clanwilliam was marred by the biggest climb yet. It’s indescribable, you had to be here to see it for yourself. Even CJ agreed it was a beast. At points it had the biggest incline since the start of tour at 18% 😱

Matambo’s strategy for the riders was simple, yet slightly sadistic. If your support crew stops, the riders stop. The only way to keep them moving is to stay ahead of them. So wait for them at the top of the hill. Next thing I knew we were having full blown “French” lessons at the peak. I was informed that there were about 7 big climbs today. Bazinga that’s alot of French Lessons on the way. With every peak, I have an “Ah-Ha” moment with the views, the riders have an “oh for f*$k sakes, seriously” moment.

We adventured (The Disco Cruiser is always an adventure) across the Cederberg through the Matjiesrivier nature reserve, Cederberg Wilderness area, conquering Uitkyk Pass and along the Stadsaal caves renown for their rock art. Bummer we didn’t get to go in. A detour of that magnitude would see me learning French till the day I get kicked out the Disco Cruiser in PE.

The Cederberg which forms part of the Cape floral Region, is a World Heritage Site, a 66811 ha of mountainous terrain was proclaimed as a Wilderness in 1973. The Cederberg Mountains, burnt orange by iron oxide, dominate the landscape.

Having rerouted through the mountains to Clanwilliam and not going over to the N7 was wise advice from the owners of the Cederberg Oasis, a backpackers nestled in the mountains. Shaving off 15km from the ride, to bring in day 25 with a 77.4km slog uphill and 1462m of climbing. Last big day they said…

Dave, Deidre and Badger finished strong today, having climbed what felt like Mount Everest in one day and sweating it out in an average 37 degree heat. Tomorrow we head out to our final destination, Lambert’s Bay. The tour has come and gone quicker than Badger can denude the Karoo of it’s plant species. Thanks Eric for the new word. By this time next week we will all be home reminiscing on the tour that was. Time waits for noone.

PS: I got a shot of some flowers the Badger hasn’t gotten his green fingers on yet 🙌🏻

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
—- H. Jackson Brown Jr.


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