Day 24 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

by admin

Today was going to be different. After yesterday’s shenanigans, everyone was hoping for a good day. With a stark reminder from Matambo that “the parcel becomes heavier the nearer you are to the house,” and added to the fact the wind had that Karoo sunrise chill to it, made for an impressively quick pack up, eat and get those legs burning kind of morning. Time waits for no one.

We left Bike X Cape, Tankwa to head to Mount Cedar deep in the Cederberg mountains. I knew there were to be climbs but the camaraderie in camp didn’t deter us from the goal. Having being told today is THE LAST big day and just 3 days left till Lambert’s bay, there was this Aura of calmness amongst the crew. I was told by Alistair Watermeyer just let the team take it slow, and don’t forget to enjoy the view! At first I thought it was just another mountain but my ignorance got the better of me. The views of Mars like rock formations, vast array of plant species and sheer height of the peaks had me stopped dead in my tracks.

We entered the Klein Cederberg via Swartruggens conservancy, making way to the top of the Mountain. Traversing a total of 82.26km, 1331m of climbing and 3 massive hills of 17% gradients across Karoopoort Pass, Die Venster, and Katbakkies Pass, all part of the Cederberg.

This was heaven for Badger. Have you seen the abundant plant life on top of the mountain? At some point no Badger in sight just a lonely “Pyga” nestled in the bushes.

Matambo has taken a liking to the music coming out of the tune box. So much so at every stop it’s blaring like a shebeen. Welcome to the Disco Cruiser.

Dave “The Dragonfly” Simpson opted for a slower steady ride today, by choice that is, taking the rear of the peleton for the most part of the day. Deidre on the other hand, had time to spare waiting on the straddlers, that she often diced with the Disco Cruiser and at some point clocked 37.1km an hour.

Sparing more than enough time for me to take in the views. Especially in the Cederberg conservancy, leopard country. No, I never saw a leopard but I’m sure I heard a few last night coming from across the room.

As we take in last views before hitting the saddle here at Mount Cedar, I begin to questions CJ’s cut and paste pep talks from across the country, “Last Big Day, Last Climb.” Today is no different, we head to Clanwilliam over the Cederberg mountain range, with no less than 7 big climbs this morning.

If you don’t hear from me this evening, we are still pedaling in the Cederberg somewhere. Onwards and Upwards.

PS. Check out those Rock formations. A six pack for someone who can give us a bit of history on how they were formed.


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