Day 22 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

by admin

After spending last night trying to figure out a route for today and after every attempt at doing so, riding today seemed futile. You see the route Bible handed over to me, had a route planned through the Anysberg Nature Reserve nesstled between Ladismith and Robertson. Prior to the tour starting, it was stated that the reserve is closed till 31 December due to water shortages.

Ambitious as CJ is, we were to ride to the gate, try get through and if it was closed, ride an alternative route that would take us 160km under and around the reserve. 😱 I wasn’t having it. This uncertainty. Ah the stress, only on a Monday, because Friday doesn’t deserve all the attention.

So we rode out of Wagendrift lodge to Gecko Rock going up to Laingsburg on the N1 to get shopping done, as for the last 3 days we have been on route going past towns without horses, somewhere in Kavukiland. Wondering what the next plan is, in steps Jacques and Winston Bourbon-Leftly two local farmers just on the outskirts of Laingsburg. After their warm greeting, quick reccie mission in the barn on the farm and chats about the tour we had a plan! He sent us in another road, that takes us to Witteberg that runs over the top of Anysberg Nature Reserve. Ending the day with an 80.65km ride and 1407m of climbing on a long gradual uphill gravel road for the rest of the day.

Leaving Wagendrift lodge toward Laingsburg we climbed two aptly named passes, the Wittenekke and the Rooinek pass. Burn baby burn. Talking of Gravel roads, leaving Laingsburg we were quickly greeted with a heavy incline even Deidre had some choice words about. Dave’s Dragonfly body (drags uphill and Flies down them) wasn’t far behind, continuing the journey in the central Karoo, a desolate landscape with abundance of life. After yesterday’s post Dave wasn’t having it, and took the lead into headwinds while Deidre’s sucking wheel (a term in cycling for slipstreaming in the peleton).

The bush bashing Badger continues to forage across the Karoo. It’s become his favourite past time on tour. It accounts for most of his time in the saddle. Badgers collection is abundant in variety, and I have come to the conclusion he’ll be opening a botanical garden pretty soon. Finishing strong on a hot day and producing yet another 2 samples to the mix made for a successful day!

Matambo has taught me about patience. I guess it comes from years of experience. Hurry up and wait or there’s no rush in Africa are phrases he lives by. If I wasn’t doing film and media, managing the technical side of it, project managing or spending my life on Google (my best friend) it would be like watching paint dry, with a few food breaks like the average tooly.

We are camped out at Gecko Rock Private Nature reserve for the night. As adventurous as the last two days have been, the end is nigh. It feels like I have been on the road forever, yet we have only just begun. While we pedal closer and closer to Lamberts bay, there’s so many things to reminisce about. For now, onwards and upwards.


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