Day 15 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

by admin

Monday 16th November
(This post is coming to you from somewhere on top of the Baviaanskloof.)

Ah hello corrugated roads my good old friend! How we have missed you, said no Mountain biker ever. Clearly the only tar road running through Klipplaat is past the church. After Sharon and Neil’s great hospitality, his braai skills and mapping out numerous MTB routes on the farm, Dave gave him an honorary lockdown ride shirt. We cycled out from Millwood Guest lodge, Kliplaat towards the Baviaanskloof to our overnight stop nestled somewhere in the Bundu, a mere 50km from Patensie.

Pain stakingly slogging out an extra 12km past the planned camp site to the preferred “Little House on the Prairie” totalling 87.5km and 890m of climbing for Day 16. A little tin shack from the late 1800s on the edge of the Baviaanskloof. Void of modernisation, no electricity, no signal, no distractions and lots of tranquility. Technically it’s like “Glamping.”

The endless corrugated road had taken its toll for the third day in a row. According to the plotted route, 10km’s back, goodie two shoes Garmin screaming at Dave, that the course is complete, he can be seen dismounting his bike ready to bail into the land cruiser. After being the bearer of bad news, I was informed that he had some choice words a few kilometres on. Chuckle.

Badgers wise choice continued as his ankle played up, impounding him to the vehicle after 50kms. In retrospect, every stop I jump out to catch the action, The badger lets loose in the veld to find another specimen of flower to take home. I don’t think Dave knows exactly how many are piling up at the moment.

The little tar we did burn, was in and out of Steytlerville for a breakfast at the Royal Hotel. Crossing the infamous Draaikrans Pass Mount Stewart, with rad rock formations I have never seen before. Cycling into Steytlerville the mountain rock face was clad with the history of different flags from settlers who inhabited the town.

Matambo’s not just a pretty face, but has eyes of an eagle. Spotting two sets of tortoises, some buck, sheep and the lesser spotted African goat. Pitty he couldn’t spot Dave in the rear view mirror as he comes hurtling past and evidently missing my shot.

As much flowers as Badger keeps collecting, he can’t help but misplace his stuff. So much so he failed to remember he gave CJ a hoodie to take back to Durban and only to search for it in the trailer for the last three days. Needless to say, Badger got nominated and crowned D.O.D.

Today we ride out to Patensie and have heard a rumour, it’s over the Antoniesberg Pass!! Adventure awaits. As one day finishes, another begins.

“After every finish line there is a start line.” – Mauro Posseri Italian runner lost in marathon DE sable

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