Day 14 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

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We are officially over half way today. Day 14 in the bag with 101km and 841m of climbing. For the most part it was on corrugated gravel road, with a smidgen of tar. Pearston to Klipplaat rounded off with a touch of corrugated gravel to the quaint Millwood Guest and Hunting Lodge

Last night Dave got wind of a farmstyle braai for dinner, that Sharon and Neil have waiting for us at the lodge. No wonder his top speeds are starting to look quicker, considering the roads situation. Dave also reckons he is losing weight. Well after tonight’s dinner, no need too worry about that.

Sharon and Neil have graciously invited us to the lodge with arms wide open. Reminiscing on times in Zimbabwe over the fire with a heart meal and the effort put in to make us as comfortable as possible is far beyond what we expected! 🙌🏻 We are so grateful for the hospitality!

On cycling through these small towns in the Karoo one thing is clear, this covid situation has dessimated businesses, and Jansenville is no exception. Even the horse guy went broke, There’s definately no horses here.

Klipplaat is such a small town, mainly there to service the farmers in the area. When you visit Klipplaat, you have to park outside. There’s no space inside to park. Just another town if you blink, you’ll miss it.

Badger had a good day in the saddle, till about 50km’s in when we were meandering down these corrugated roads. That’s when he had. Enough. Who would be so stupid to build a road like this, even worse send us down it!!

Matambo is never seen without a smile on his face. Even after the peleton comes in fiery hot about the state of the road, he will smile and wave. It’s an infectious smile and laugh… No wonder Dave had this brotherly love for him 🙌🏻

As there was no exciting things happening on tour today, besides the bleeping corrugated roads…. We can’t help but pray CJ hasn’t sent us down another one tomorrow. I don’t think the humour will last… Luckily I have the camera in hand. This should be a goodie. Oh and we head down towards Krom river tomorrow in anticipation for the Baviaanskloof coming up this week.

Magies vol, oogies toe!

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