Day 13 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

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Late start for the campers on day 13 as they refused to leave Mountain Zebra National Park settled in just outside of Craddock. All we wanted was a day off to enjoy it, but alas, did you know there’s not 1 day off on the SA tour. When Eric said to CJ “Do Epic” I think he might have taken it a tad overboard. Wanting to do 10 mountain passes, there’s a few extras springing up out of the blue as we traverse South Africa. None the less, what could be more epic!?

A small 90km and a total 1367m climbing ride, as lightning and rain cut the day short. (Safety First) but with 2 massive climbs, one being the Swaers Hoek pass, (Which was under maintenance) between Craddock and Pearston on corrugated gravel road. With 733m of climbing over 16km in the Kak Karoo heat, which reached an average max of 42 degrees.

Deidre and Dave continue to astound me. Epitome of EPIC! All they wanted to do was finish the day come rain or lightning. But commin sense prevailed, and not for trying but they put in a massive effort today! Dave lives by the saying “He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day!” Touchè

I’m bunking with Badger again tonight. I guess we taking the John Deere out for a spin again. I could be wrong, and it could be my own snoring I’m hearing, but I have to blame someone. If it wasn’t Badger, then it must have been those Dutchmen pulling into camp after dinner, Brannes and coke in hand.

Deidre, Captain my Captain, has enforced the law (we don’t know how CJ got away with it) but D.O.D (dick of the day) is back in play. If you can’t keep humour on tour, you’ll lose your mind on the saddle. Interested to see who gets it after dinner.

And in other news…. When the tour started, we all agreed growing mustache for Movember. Badger shaved his off after day 2, he’s out of the running. Matambo, I mustache you a question, can’t seem to grow one. Uncle Dave reckons with some chicken shit, it’d be the best by the end of tour. So in the running, there’s me, with a ridiculous good looking tache, and Dave’s. Deidre seems to think his is better…. I think it’s bias. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Today was a swelter of a day, as we headed into Turksvyfrivier Safari camp, then the heavens opened up again…. I think Uncle Dave was praying somewhere on Swaers Hoek Pass, under the auspicious anointing of a windmill… I don’t blame you, I would have too..

Tomorrow we head out to Millwood Hunting Lodge, where we have been graciously hosted and have a real Karoo braai welcome waiting for us. We’ll head through the small town of Jansenville which I have heard does actually have a horse.

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