Day 11 – OLT Lockdown Tour SA

by admin

A definitive moment on tour, as CJ rolled out of our accomodation to take on his 9 hour journey heading home. While the crew hit the tar to make our way to a small farm, Elandskuil about 25 km south side of Steynsburg. Day 11 and welcome to the Karoo…. Pedaling in a good 100km and 980m of climbing, through a rather nippy early morning start to a sweltering 35+ degree heat.

As when any Captain leaves a squad the battle for supremacy, or domination ensues in the peleton, but this was quickly done away with, as the Karoo heat clapped back. Hello howsit…..

Deidre, Dave and Badger had a good day in the saddle respectively. After weeks of CJ saying it’s all down hill from here, They were thrilled to learn that it actually was a 10km downhill into Steynsburg!

Chaos reighns in the camp as we now have to fit 5 people, 3 bikes, and 100 people’s with of Katundu into one vehicle. Luckily Matambo’s packing skills have improved over the last few days, and for reversing….. Well we’ll get to that one day.

Badger has been Climbing into the already packed car, after Breakfast, and putting in around 60-80km a day, as he is nursing back an injury on his leg. With Late night compression and recoveries, eveening walks, and stretches, we are sure he’ll be back up to speed in no time.

While today’s update is so short, we hope to smash another 100km tomorrow, as we head to Mountain Zebra National park, just outside Cradock. We will attempt an early start as the heat of the day arrives around 9am and you don’t want to mess with the Karoo, coupled with the potholes on the roads, and well they did warn us…. It’s sure to be an interesting day 🤦

Till then, Support the Cause,


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