Baleka Boetie

by admin

When you get a last minute call, to be ready to leave Nelspruit in a few days, to make the trek back to Zimbabwe, with a truck full of food packs for the pensioners in ZIM with the

Zimbabwe Pensioner Support Fund, amidst the whole covid pandemic, you drop everything and BALEKA!
18 Hour bus to JHB (no flight available) Gautrain to the Airport (This was a first) and then a shuttle to Mahlalane. Only to be on the road again, following the truck 8 hours to the Beit Bridge Border. Heres the interesting part……
22 Hour overnight at the border, Covid controls, Commercial crossings and trying to get through by 00:00 as the new covid test restrictions kick in… Making it through but with a rough night sleep in the bakkie, somewhere between South Africa and Zimbabwe… No Mans land.
6 hour trip to Bulawayo, with a days rest and the whole real Journey begins. Travelling from Bulawayo to Harare stopping at numerous old age homes, dropping off packs, and trucking on. And the next day same story, hitting the road to Mutare with a whole nother truck full….
The Journey has only begun! This image was captured at the warehouse in Bulawayo, of a should be pensioner, watching on as the truck gets loaded and sent on its way.
It speaks volumes…. Cry our beloved country.🇿🇼
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