5 Years No Alcohol

by admin
5 Years No Alcohol. Imagine, one day waking up and just quitting. And some would question this decision. Some would call you a quitter. Some have labelled me boring. Some have outright said “they don”t trust people who don’t drink.” And yet on this day 5 years ago i quit Alcohol, as a challenge to myself. Cold Turkey. And yet, it’s been one of the easiest decisions i have ever made in this lifetime.
There has been far far worse things in life that have broken me. I am Ryan who has been to hell and back, Weathered, scarred Ryan who has been through shit. So all this I went through, It’s just makes me more and more complex, made me compassionate, more kinder, more empathetic to other people, it made me such a strong person. We learn far more, far far more, we become far stronger by what goes wrong in our life than by what goes right.
The truth is, if most people really knew your story, and all the things you’ve been through, they probably wonder how you still smiling. But I’d rather have this version of me. That goes through hell and comes out having something to say at the end of it. This Ryan’s more interesting to me.
Be decisive in times of crisis. Be nimble. Find truth in trials and lessons in mistakes. Be responsible for what you see, hear, and do.

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